Dr. K's Super Colon Cleaner
Dr. K's Super Colon Cleaner

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Possible Benefits

    Dr.K's Super Colon Cleaner works in 7 ways

    1. Softens hardened fecal in order to help move it out of the body.
    2. Draws water to the colon for easier and more efficient bowel movements.
    3. Gently scrapes the walls of the colon to absorb and remove toxic matter.
    4. Promotes better peristaltic action form more complete evacuations.
    5. Improves circulation, destroys parasites and infection. Enhances assimilation and elimination.
    6. Absorbs toxins and helps you digest food for better absorption.
    7. Simulates, tones, energizes and normalizes the activity of the digestive system.

    Many health professionals agree that most disease starts in the colon. It is the SEWER of the system and needs to be cleaned periodically. Good health begins with a good cleansing program. You will FEEL BETTER, STRONGER, CLEANER, more energetic and youthful with Dr. K’s TM Super Colon Cleaner. It is an excellent, clinically tested, nutritional supplement and support formula for constipation, irregularity, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, skin problems, gastric reflux, bloating, weight loss, chronic upset stomach, and a variety of other conditions. It is specifically formulated with an understanding of plants and their phytochemical properties, not thrown together haphazardly.

    This formula will work when others have failed. It has been used in his clinics for over 30 years with excellent results. It is tested by animals (by their choice) and they love it. It is spicy, but nicey. After many years of clinical practice, Dr. K has found that if a person has many health problems, the first step towards the solution begins with cleansing the system. Dr. K achieves near miraculous results with the foundation program of cleansing the colon, the liver, and changing the diet. By doing so, there can be a reversal, or great improvement in a wide variety of conditions. Formulated strong, to work.