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Dr. K's Silver Colloid
Dr. K's Silver Colloid

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Possible Benefits

    Anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory

    Intestinal problems, skin problems, burns

    Purifying food and water, water borne diseases

    Veterinary/pet problems

    Parasites in humans or pets

    Stop food from spoiling

    Sinusitis, colds, flu, fungal infections

    Disinfectant, aids digestion, reduces cancer risks

    Hay fever, allergies

    Wart and yeast Infections

    Psoriasis, eczema and other skin conditions

    Used against over 650 diseases

    This is the REAL DEAL not the phony stuff often sold on the internet.

    Most people are confused about the difference between Ionic Silver and Colloidal Silver. Most Silver supplements made through electrolysis is "ionic". Commonly these supplements are called "colloidal silver" even though the solution is pre-dominantly "Ionic." People judge a true colloid to be superior to Ionic and it is NOT. when Silver Ions are made in solution it is a good thing. These Ions are positively charged (+) Harmful Germs are negatively (-) charged and attract the silver and killed by them. So even though it is called "colloidal" silver it is basically ionic in nature. The most important thing then is the size of the particles and ppm (parts per million). You want the particles to be very small and not necessarily high in number. Dr. K's Silver "Colloid" is between 10-20 ppm and less than 1 nm in size and used as a supplement.