Dr. K's Male Silk Moth Powder (20:1)
Dr. K's Male Silk Moth Powder (20:1)

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Possible Benefits

    Helps with symptoms of osteo or rheumatoid arthritis

    Helps with skin lesions and helps to break down scar tissues, dead tissue and cysts

    Helps skin to retain moisture (moisturizer) for youthful appearance

    Migraine relief

    Contains 18 different types of amino acids essential to life

    Aids in quick recovery after strenuous workouts

    Can be used after workouts for muscle building bio-available protein

    Boosts sexual desire, especially in males

    Nourishes yin and strengthens yang (in Chinese Medicine)

    Helps treat inflammatory conditions

    Found as an ingredient in various health supplements

    Accelerates growth of sperm and bone marrow

    Boosts energy! anabolic (builder), helps increase stamina in bed and in gym

    No worries of contaminated GMO protein sources

    Serine content helps strengthen the immune system

    Contains tyrosine which helps combat depression, improves memory and mental alertness, helps increase focus and concentration

    Very, very high in alanine, a source of energy in muscle tissue

    Male Silk Moth Extract has a long history in China as a male Strength and Energy Builder, and as a Sex Tonic. This extract is rich in unique proteins and helps to regulate repair and growth of the body. According to the Chinese, male silk moth extract contain unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, proteins, amino acids, cephalin and various other beneficial compounds. All these compounds make this extract useful in nourishing the endocrine and reproductive system. Widely known in China for its Aphrodisiac properties it is also said to have other benefits such as enhancing blood circulation and is said to work wonders on a variety of conditions. It is also thought to help in retention of moisture by the skin, thereby maintaining a youthful appearance. Chinese athletes use it to improve exercise and performance and for quick recovery and energy. No claims are made and this product is not reviewed by the FDA for benefits or safety.