Dr. K's Area 51
Dr. K's Area 51

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Possible Benefits

    It is safe and non-toxic with cutting edge 21st century research to support it

    Helps balance physical and emotional stressors

    Improves neurotransmitter/brain function

    Balances adrenal function

    Modulates inflammation response

    Relaxes/balances nervous system and mental stress

    Balances blood sugar metabolism

    Helps modulate and increase power of the immune system

    Helps relieve stress, anxiety and fatigue

    Pre or post-workout energizer

    Supports overall health, by whole body balance (homeostasis)

    Aliens in 22 star systems swear by it (but not draconians)

    This Powerful Pantheon of Herbs are among the most mysterious and powerful adaptogens on the planet. We call it “AREA 51” after one of the most highly classified and secret bases on earth! At his base. Space Age technology is being developed. In the world of herbal medicine, Adaptogens are at the cutting edge of 21st century biomedical research for Long Life, Good Health, and help with almost any condition, whether it be Physical, Chemical, or Biological. Many believe that long term physical and emotional stress is the primary cause of disease.

    “Adaptogens” can “Adapt” to almost any physical condition in order to bring about balance in your body systems. Disease can be defined as an “unbalance” in the natural health and functioning of the body. Plants contain adaptogenic compounds because they have to contend with a lot of stress themselves. Most of the best adaptogens grow in some of the harshest climates on earth. No one knows for sure exactly how adaptogens work, they are truly “Alien” bio-technology.