Dr. K's Anti-Anxiety/Anti-Stress/Focus Formula Powder
Dr. K's Anti-Anxiety/Anti-Stress/Focus Formula Powder

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Possible Benefits

    Natural relief for anxiety

    Stress relief

    Depression conqueror

    Helps overcome and prevent insomnia, panic attacks, lack of focus

    Herbs and supplements that have been clinically shown to significantly reduce stress without significant side-effects.

    Do you suffer from any of the above including insomnia, panic attacks or lack of focus? In today’s world, who doesn’t? With all the stresses put upon us by bills, relationships, work, kids, commitments and rough situations, it is easy to have our emotions and hormones put us in a constant state of WORRY and FEAR. When we are in this depressing emotional state for long periods of time, our bodies get used to it and then it is even harder for us to BREAK THIS CYCLE of being worried and nervous all of the time. Sometimes a traumatic event happens and starts this cycle, and sometimes it is CUMULATIVE effect over a long period of time.

    Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers!

    Know why? Listen to this! If a zebra gets chased by a lion, it either gets away, or it doesn’t. If it does, it stops running and alertly looks around for a few minutes to be sure it is safe and that the lion is not lying in wait nearby. The zebra’s stress hormones were high when it was running and scared, but when it was sure it was SAFE, the stress hormones returned to normal. This is true for most all animals, BUT NOT FOR MOST HUMANS! Someone who has an encounter with a traumatic situation like a severe accident, a divorce, a knife-wielding robber or a sick or dying spouse can have their stress hormones go way, way up...and STAY THERE! WHY? Because humans always think about the PAST or the FUTURE and animals don’t. This is why the Zen masters teach us to let go of the past and the future and live only in the PRESENT MOMENT.

    But most people are not Zen students, let alone Zen masters. We all need help with our stress. Stress is the Number One killer because it CAUSES BODY CHANGES which lead to heart attack, ulcers, cancer and many other diseases. WE NEED HELP! So NATURE PROVIDES HELP! There are a number of herbs and supplements that have been clinically shown to significantly reduce stress without significant side-effects. Here is a formula that has proven to be very effective in my 31 years of clinical practice. Many have tried it and love it!