Dr. K's Anti-Aging Superfood
Dr. K's Anti-Aging Superfood

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Possible Benefits

    Lose weight

    Feel younger and healthier

    Regulating the amount of telomerase in your body to prevent or even reverse aging

    Made with the 12 of the BEST superfoods

    You get a FULL POUND of Anti-aging Superfood Supplement!

    Ponce de Leon searched the world for the Fountain of Youth. Most people thought that it was a myth. But researchers have now located what seems to be the key to STOPPING and even REVERSING THE AGING PROCESS! Have you heard of TELOMERES? Telomeres are the end caps of your chromosomes that make sure they do not stick to each other. Telomeres don’t contain genes but are important for cell replication and division. Every time a cell divides, a piece of telomere is broken away (like shoelace tips would slowly fray). When enough of the telomere is damaged, the cell can no longer divide properly. The famous discoverer of DNA, Dr. Watson named this “end replication problem”. Each time a normal cell divides, the ends do not get completely copied and the telomeres become just a bit shorter. Eventually the telomeres are so SHORT that the chromosome reaches a critical length, and no further cell division can occur. This is called the AGING PROCESS. If telomeres malfunction then diseases like cancer, arteriosclerosis, arthritis and others can occur.

    REVERSE AGING? CANCER CURE? Now there is an enzyme discovered called TELOMERASE which REPAIRS shortened Telomeres and al-lows cells to REPRODUCE INDEFINITELY! Many researchers believe that control of Telomerase can STOP and even REVERSE THE AGING PROCESS, and even enable a cure for cancer to be found. A healthy number of Telomeres have been discovered to be the key to a LONG LIFE!

    HOW CAN YOU KEEP UP HEALTHY AMOUNTS OF TELOMERES! Science shows that the two main reasons for the aging process is improper numbers of telomeres. Too many and you get disease and/or cancer, too few and you age and eventually die. The aging process consists then of “dam-aged” telomeres, decreased telomerase and calcification. How can we be sure there is a sufficient amount of telomerase in our bodies?

    Research shows that certain foods called “SUPERFOODS” can help PREVENT OR EVEN REVERSE AGING and disease by regulating the amount of telomerase in your body. There are many “Superfoods” but I have chosen 12 of the BEST!