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Dr. K's Petadolex Migraine Relief

Dr. K's Petadolex Migraine Relief

Dr. K's Petadolex Migraine Relief

Petadolex is a natural, herbal supplement made from butterbur that has been proven to reduce the frequency and intensity of migraine attacks. Petadolex is the only butterbur extract that has been clinically tested to be safe and effective.

What is Butterbur
Butterbur is an herb found in Europe and parts of North Africa and Asia. The plant grows in damp, marshy areas and along riverbanks with large heart-shaped leaves. The extract comes from the petasites hybridus root (also known as butterbur), which has been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times. The name butterbur comes from the reported ancient practice of using the leaves to wrap butter.

Petadolex Research
Petadolex was developed in the 1970s and has been used throughout Europe for over 25 years. Petadolex is manufactured by Weber and Weber, a reknown German pharmaceutical company. Petadolex was patented in the US in 2003 and has been gaining in popularity due to doctor referrals and articles in medical journals such as Headache and Neurology.

Not all butterbur products are the same. Butterbur in its natural state contains varying levels of pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs) which may cause liver problems. Weber and Weber has developed a patented method of extracting the beneficial ingredients of the butterbur plant while removing the PAs.

“Butterbur is a traditional herbal treatment for migraine prevention,” says Dr. Lipton, who is vice chair and professor of neurology at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. “Our study shows that butterbur really does reduce the frequency of migraine attacks, so it’s a welcome addition to the therapeutic arsenal we have available to combat migraine.”

The study involved 245 migraine patients who–during the prior three months–suffered between two to six migraine attacks per month. For the four-month study, the patients were randomly assigned to take two capsules daily of the 75 milligram (mg) dose of butterbur extract, the 50 mg dose, or a placebo. The main outcome measured was the percentage decrease in the frequency of migraine attacks, calculated by comparing migraine attacks during the study with the number of attacks that patients experienced before the study began.

“The 75 mg butterbur dose reduced headache frequency by 48 percent-a substantial treatment effect,” said Dr. Lipton. This compared with a 26 percent reduction among placebo users. Further, Dr. Lipton notes, the 75 mg dose reduced headache frequency by 50% or more in over two-thirds of the migraine sufferers. Adverse effects from butterbur were infrequent; those most commonly reported that may have been related to butterbur treatment were gastrointestinal in nature–mainly burping.

Raw butterbur root contains toxic chemicals that are filtered out during the manufacturing process–a good reason, says Dr. Lipton, for avoiding “home-brewed” butterbur extract and instead using commercially available products, several of which are sold in the U.S. He further stressed that manufacturing standards are not uniform for plant extracts and that safety data for Petadolex, the brand used in this study, cannot be assumed for other butterbur products. Petadolex is made by Weber & Weber GmbH & Co., which supported the research.

Suggested Dosage: 150 mg. per day.

The suggested dosage for Petadolex is as follows: Adults take 1 capsule or softgel 3 times daily (if 50 mg capsules) with meals for 4 weeks. Thereafter, take 1 capsule twice daily for 3 months. If necessary increase to 1 capsule 3 times daily. You may discontinue then until you feel onset of a migraine. At this point, repeat the 4 month regimen. This dosage has been shown to be effective in other studies in reducing migraine frequency and intensity. By consistently taking Petadolex on a daily basis, maximum benefits can be seen in as few as four weeks. During these early weeks, the preventative power of Petadolex builds in your system. The resulting relief is worth the wait.


Use only as directed. Consult a health care professional before use if you are pregnant or nursing, have a serious medical condition or use prescription medications. If you experience a severe adverse reaction to this product, discontinue use and seek medical attention. In Germany, where the product is manufactured, Petadolex is considered a medication and as such is subject to strict regulation by health authorities. Each batch of Petadolex must be tested and verified to be 100% PA free.


Extract of Petasites hybridus from Butterbur Root (Standardized for a minimum of 7.5mg of Petasin and Isopetasin) 50mg (Softgels)

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