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Dr. K's Crystal "O" Olive Oil - 8 oz Dr. K's Diatomite Dr. K's Egyptian Silk Lotion #1
Dr. K's Diatomite
Our Price: $10.00
Dr. K's Crystal "O" Olive Oil Internal and external cleaner Skin and body moisturizer and softener
Dr. K's Egyptian Silk Lotion Dr. K's DMSO Dr. K's Crystal "O" Olive Oil - 16 oz
Dr. K's DMSO
Our Price: $15.00
Skin and body moisturizer and softener Aid for pain and rebuilding joints Dr. K's Crystal "O" Olive Oil
Dr. K's Crystal "O" Castor Oil Dr. K's Petadolex Migraine Relief Dr. K's Air Strike
Dr. K's Air Strike
List Price: $20.00
Our Price: $20.00

Inflammation, detox, and pain relief

Natural migraine relief Pure Essential Oil Blend, Kills Germs on Contact
Dr. K's Reishi Mushroom Tincture Dr. K's Calcium Bentonite Clay Dr. K's Osha Lobelia Tincture - 2 oz
Powerful immune modulator, hypotensive, anti-agings, adaptogenic

Detoxify, cleanse, balance, alkalize, stimulate, energize.

Respiratory and sinus formula
Dr. K's Astragalus Tincture Dr. K's Curcumin 95% Dr. K's Apple Cider Vinegar
Dr. K's Curcumin 95%
Our Price: $22.00
Immune system booster and disease fighter Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant superstar All purpose health remedy
Dr. K's R3 Gold Tea Dr. K's Pine Pollen Extract Dr. K's Black Stallion
Dr. K's R3 Gold Tea
Our Price: $25.00
Dr. K's Black Stallion
Our Price: $25.00
Helps with skin, muscles, and joints

Relieves fatigue, regulates weight, beautifies skin, promotes a healthy sex drive

Sex and libido formula
Dr. K's Chaga Tincture, 2 oz Dr. K's Kalatanga Oil Dr. K's R3 Oil
Dr. K's Kalatanga Oil
Our Price: $30.00
Dr. K's R3 Oil
Our Price: $30.00
The super mushroom

Incredible face and skin moisturizer from the desert

Ache and pain reducer
Dr. K's Magnesium Oil Dr. K's Silver Colloid Dr. K's Super Tonic
Dr. K's Magnesium Oil
Our Price: $30.00
Dr. K's Silver Colloid
Our Price: $30.00
Dr. K's Super Tonic
Our Price: $30.00
Fast acting nutritional mineral spray Used against over 650 diseases Relief for fatigue, colds, coughs, flu, infections, sore throat
Dr. K’s Anti-anxiety Formula Dr. K's Master Cleanser Dr. K's Echinacea Tincture
Dr. K's Master Cleanser
Our Price: $30.00
Natural relief for anxiety, stress, nervousness, and depression Energy tonic, organ detoxifier, workout enhancer, cold and flu reliever

Immune system support

Dr. K's Fulvic Acid Dr. K's Blue Lotus Tincture Dr. K's Orthophos Liver Cleanser
Dr. K's Fulvic Acid
Our Price: $30.00

Antioxidant support

Sacred euphoria tincture Liver flush
Dr. K's Anti-Anxiety/Anti-Stress/Focus Formula Powder Dr. K's Black Mountain Ant Extract Dr. K's Cricket Powder Extract
Natural relief for anxiety, stress, nervousness, and depression Body strengthening and functioning The best protein source on 6 legs - 20 times more efficient as a source of protein than cattle
Dr. K's Devil-Ice Mist Dr. K's Earthworm Powder (20:1) Dr. K's Shilajit Tincture (10:1)
Dr. K's Devil-Ice Mist
Our Price: $35.00
Helps relieve muscle, arthritis, and joint pain...as it rebuilds your joints!

An Ancient Asian Remedy that Works on Your Stomach and Digestive Problems and More!

The king of herbs - magic from the mountains

Dr. K's Osha Lobelia Tincture - 4 oz Dr. K's Deer Antler Velvet Tincture Dr. K's Cordyceps Militaris Caterpillar Mushroom
Respiratory and sinus formula Muscle building, anti-aging, great sex, energy, strength, anxiety relief The magic mushroom with incredible bioactive and health stimulating effects
Dr. K's Brain Focus Dr. K's Area 51 Dr. K's C60 Oil
Dr. K's Brain Focus
Our Price: $40.00
Dr. K's Area 51
Our Price: $40.00
Dr. K's C60 Oil
Our Price: $40.00
Memory, mood, focus, and concentration Space age herbal medicine for the 21st century
Laboratory and research aid
Dr. K's Super 3 MCG Dr. K's Super Colon Cleaner Dr. K's V-21 Superfood
Dr. K's Super 3 MCG
Our Price: $45.00
Dr. K's V-21 Superfood
Our Price: $45.00
Three ingredient miracle Best colon cleanser in the world Complete vitamin-mineral supplement, energizer, body alkalizer and fat flusher
Serrapeptase Dr. K's Essiac Tea Dr. K's Anti-Aging Superfood
Dr. K's Serrapeptase
Our Price: $45.00
Dr. K's Essiac Tea
Our Price: $45.00
Magic for inflammation Detox tea Perfect anti-aging nutrient dense superfood for long life, weight-loss, energy, and rebuilding telomeres.
Dr. K's Male Silk Moth Powder (20:1) Dr. K's Bone Broth
Dr. K's Bone Broth
Our Price: $50.00

Better workouts, faster recovery, energy, power

Bone and Joint Strength