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  1. Iodine

    The Mystery of Iodine: What it can do for you and why you can’t live without it.  Every cell in your body needs iodine.  As the “Sleeping prophet” Edgar Cayce put it “all the glands of the body run on iodine”.  Science has later verified this to be so.  Iodine belongs to the halogen family.  Other elements in this family include chlorine, fluorine and bromine.  The name Iodine comes from the greek “iodes” which means purple.  As a gas Iodine is purple.  After a nuclear disaster, victims are given Iodine to protect the thyroid gland from bonding to radioactive iodine in the air.  Since all the glands “run” on iodine, it is a matter of much research as far as the aging process and control of grandular functions such as HGH (Human Growth Hormone) and the thyroid gland.  A rising number of doctors were treating such conditions as breast cancer, cysts tumors and a host of other ailments when in August of 2007 the DEA made it a class 1 drug and illegal to sell in tinctures greater than 2% for antiseptic use or greater than 7% for veterinary use.   The DEA stated that it had been declared illegal especially in crystal form because methamphetamine manufacturers were using it as a catalyst.  Why wait until 2007 to make it illegal if it was causing such a problem??  Here is a quote from the site.

    “The use of iodine in methamphetamine production is likely to increase. Iodine is readily available, and its chemical properties allow it to be converted easily into hydriodic acid, the preferred reagent in the illicit production of d-methamphetamine. Federal and state chemical control laws, which include reporting rules, maximum purchase thresholds, and sentencing guide-lines, are effective tools that law enforcement officials may use to counter this threat.”

    The body uses both iodine (2 atoms) and iodide in protecting itself.  Formerly, Iodine was used in bread baking universally, until a group of people came down with an outbreak of hyperthyroidism from a baker that put too much iodine in the bread.  The iodine was anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, preserved the bread, made it rise better and taste better.  But the health officials endorsed the use of bromine instead of iodine.  Bromine is now used in all baked goods and in soda pop.  It is a poison.  Iodine is not.  Iodine when taken in therapeutic doses will displace fluorine, bromine and chlorine (all poisons) off the receptor sites and replace it with iodine, which has a greater affinity for these sites.  For the many uses of iodine and more information look up Dr. David Brownstein’s excellent book on iodine or on youtube.  Or try to download the excellent ebook “Iodine from the Sea.”  You’ll be glad you did!

    Dr. K.

    P.S. Check out document below where a farmer was required to show his vehicle registration and fill out a form in order to buy 2% Iodine to treat his goat.

  2. Uh Oh! This banana peel is angry at you. Why do you throw him away? He has antifungal and antibiotic properties and is loaded with vitamins, minerals and fiber. Hey, you can use banana peel on Psoriasis and various skin conditions. The banana is plantain family which is good for blood poisoning, bruising and a variety of skin conditions.

    If you have Psoriasis, you can rub the affected area with the inside of the peel daily. Initially the area will become red, however with persistent use the difference caused to the skin will be noticeable. You can use it for acne (rub on at night for better effect). Use it on poison ivy, itching, redness and inflammation will disappear, apply till it does, but wait a while between applications.

    Got warts? Rub the inside of the peel on the wart every night for 7 to 10 days or tape the peel (inside of peel against wart) overnight. This plantar wart treatment may take about 15 days, but produces results.

    Want beautiful skin? I don’t need it because plastic surgery keeps me beautiful, but you can rub the inside of the peel on your face before going to bed. Leave it on overnight and wash it the next morning with warm water and you will have beautiful skin. Once again, its PLANTAIN FAMILY!

    You can treat allergies, skin irritation, skin bruises, skin itching, eczema, wounds and its claimed to whiten teeth. Just put on overnight for above conditions and rub daily on teeth in a circular motion. If the peel is used everyday, the effects of teeth whitening will be seen in about two weeks.

    Do mosquitos love you? Use it on bites. Shine your silverware with it. Get rid of splinters. Please, people….don’t make this banana peel angry. He might give you the slip!

    - Dr. K.

  3. Herb of the Day, Ginseng

  4. Herb of te Day, St Johns Wort

  5. Is this really human? DNA tests on six-inch skeleton of ‘alien-looking’ creature with over-sized head prove it was actually human claim scientists in new documentary.  10 years ago the bones of a six-inch skeleton with a large head were found in Chile.  There was speculation that the Atacama humanoid, nicknamed Ata, was either an aborted fetus, a monkey or even an alien.  Now scientists at Stanford University have carried out conclusive DNA tests which have found the remains are those of a mutated human.  At first, it was hailed as proof of alien life, a mummified visitor from another planet, but ten years after the remains of a six-inch ‘space alien’ were first discovered, they have been confirmed as ‘human’ by Stanford scientists in a new documentary film Sirius

    Since the remains of the small humanoid – known as the ‘Atacama Humanoid’ and nicknamed Ata – were discovered in Chile’s Atacama Desert 10 years ago there has been much speculation about its origins.  Theories have included that the bones were those of an aborted fetus, or a monkey, or even an alien that had crash-landed on earth.  Scientists say DNA tests have revealed the unusual remains to be human rather than alien.  In the weeks leading up to Monday’s premier of Sirius, UFO enthusiasts had grown increasingly excited that the film could announce a major breakthrough in the search for extra-terrestrial life forms.  Experts say the small skeleton certainly bears many of the hallmarks of what we have come to believe aliens look like, in particular a large head overshadowing a small body.

    According to Chilean local newspaper, a man called Oscar Munoz found the remain on Oct. 19, 2003 when he was looking for objects of historical value in La Noria, a ghost town in the Atacama Desert.  Near an abandoned church, Munoz found a white cloth containing, according to the newspaper, ‘a strange skeleton no bigger than 15cm (the size of a pen.)  It was a creature with hard teeth, a bulging head with an additional odd bulge on top.  Its body was scaly and of dark color. Unlike humans, it had nine ribs.  A DNA sample from bone marrow extracted from the specimen, was analyzed by scientists at a prestigious American university.  Scientists believe the unusual skeleton is human, yet it has nine ribs.

    After six months of research by leading scientists at Stanford University, the Atacama Humanoid remains a profound mystery,’ said physician and Disclosure Project founder Dr. Steven Greer.  ‘We traveled to Barcelona Spain in late September 2012 to obtain detailed X Rays, CAT scans and take genetic samples for testing at Stanford University. ‘We obtained excellent DNA material by surgically dissecting the distal ends of two right anterior ribs on the humanoid.  ‘These clearly contained bone marrow material, as was seen on the dissecting microscope that was brought in for the procedure.

    The Movie “Sirius” was premiered in Los Angeles on Earth Day and was released online on April 22, 2013.  In this new documentary, a DNA sample from bone marrow extracted from the specimen, was analyzed by scientists at a prestigious American university.  They concluded that it was an ‘interesting mutation’ of a male human that had survived post-birth for between six and eight years.  ‘I can say with absolute certainty that it is not a monkey.  ‘It is human – closer to human than chimpanzees. It lived to the age of six to eight,’ said Garry Nolan, director of stem cell biology at Stanford University’s School of Medicine in California.  ‘Obviously, it was breathing, it was eating, it was metabolizing.

    ‘It calls into question how big the thing might have been when it was born.’ The small skeleton bears many of the hallmarks of what we have come to believe ETs look like, in particular a large head overshadowing a small body ‘The DNA tells the story and we have the computational techniques that allows us to determine, in very short order, whether, in fact, this is human,’ Nolan, who performed the DNA tests, explains in the film.

    In addition to studying the origins of Ata, Sirius explores the subject of UFO and ET visitation, the disclosure of secret UFO files, and the investigation of advanced energy and propulsion technologies extra-terrestrial civilizations are using to travel to Earth.  Based on evidence gathered over the past 20 years by physician and Disclosure Project founder Dr. Steven Greer, Sirius reveals how and why these energy technologies are being suppressed in favor of maintaining the current petrochemical system.

    Scientists concluded that the skeleton was an ‘interesting mutation’ of a male human that had survived post-birth for between six and eight years.

  6. Herb of the Day, Milk Thistle

  7. Lightning! Ever been hit by a bolt? If you did and survived you would probably lose your sense of smell and maybe part of your hearing.

    Roy Cleveland Sullivan (February 7, 1912 – September 28, 1983) was a U.S. park ranger in Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. Between 1942 and 1977, Sullivan was hit by lightning on seven different occasions and survived all of them. For this reason, he gained a nickname “Human Lightning Conductor” or “Human Lightning Rod”. Sullivan is recognized by Guinness World Records as the person struck by lightning more recorded times than any other human being. Ironically he died not from lightning but a self-inflicted gunshot wound at the age of 71 over an unrequited love.

    Having said that, lightning is important for ionizing the air (cleaning it), and charging the energy field around your body….but, uh oh, you are insulated, because you are wearing rubber shoes. No other creatures on earth are insulated except you. This means your body is not recharged like a battery. Yep, you need negative ions and the earth is negatively charged (-) while the atmosphere is positively charged (+). This makes your body a conducting battery and helps keep you healthy…only if you are not insulated.

    You can easily stand on grass in bare feet or touch the ground and immediately the electromagnetic field around your body goes up. Good for health and healing. Or…you could ground yourself to the water pipe in your house….or you could get a metal plate and cut off the two plugs on an electric cord and leave the third plug (the round ground) alone, attach the cord to the plates or a metal band around your wrist and voila! you are grounded. Get a good night’s sleep or help heal yourself from a variety of conditions.

    Happy Grounding!

    - Dr. K.

  8. Herb of the Day, Kava Kava

  9. Herb of te Day, Echinacea

  10. Herb of the Day, Horse Chestnut

  11. Herb of the Day, Garlic

  12. Herb of the Day, Evening Primrose

  13. Herb of the Day, Saw Palmetto  Herb of the Day, Saw Palmetto

  14. Eggplant Cures Cancer?

    What is I told you that there is a natural extract that comes from the eggplant that has been shown to cure cancer? Would you believe it? The eggplant extract is a phytochemical called solasodine glycoside, or BEC5. Dr. Bill E. Cham discovered it, after hearing of a folk medicine cure from Australian farmers. They told him of eye cancers cured in cattle after application of a poultice made from the fruit of a weed called Devil’s Apple, known in Latin as Solanum linnaeanum. This plant is part of the Solanacea family, which includes other common vegetables such as tomato and eggplant.

    BEC5 works by bonding to a receptor on the surface of the cancer cell. After the cell digests the eggplant extract, it causes the cell to rupture. The cancer cell is destroyed and its contents are then reabsorbed by the body.

    BEC5 has been proven effective in treating over 80,000 cases of skin cancer, preventing surgery. The types of cancer treated by eggplant are both invasive and non-invasive non-melanoma skin cancers. In every case the cancers went into remission and did not return. Australians have been curing their skin cancers using these phytochemicals for decades.

    Maybe we all should be eating more eggplant. BEC5 acts by killing cancer cells without harming any other healthy cells in the human body. BEC5 can also be used to treat actinic keratose, the precursor to cancer, scales and age or sunspots on the skin.

    When the sun causes red patches by over exposure, this is called Actinic keratoses and are a possible precursor of skin cancer. The cells in those patches can mutate into malignant basal or lower layer cells. Squamous cell carcinoma is another common form and kills 2000 to 3000 people annually. It’s appearance is wart-like with irregular borders and also can be treated with BEC5. The extract has been used as a cream for over 30 years in the UK and Australia with a success rate of 78% when used for 8 weeks and 100% SUCCESS RATE when used for 12 weeks in removing cancer, none of which returned within the following 5 years.

    Skin cancer is the most common illness in men over 50 years old, being more common than lung, prostate or colon cancer. This remedy needs greater scrutiny by the powers that be, or more attention by the consumers. Do your due dilligence research. More “Underground Cures” from Dr. K’s diary to come. Stay tuned!

    Dr. K.

  15. What’s so interesting about a stone??  Well this stone is about 2 billion years old and is made of 98 to 100% carbon.  As a matter of fact it’s chemical structure is a mystery.  It is found, to date, mainly in Russia in the Lake Onega area of Karelia, near Shunga and also at Vozhmozero.  It’s deposit is estimated at 250 gigatones.  (Hold on for a second or two and I will get to the really interesting part!). It is the only stone known to contain “fullerenes”, named after Buckminster Fuller. Research on Fullerenes earned the scientists involved the nobel prize.  This is because the fullerenes will cleanse water and infuse it with a potent healing vibration.  No lie!  In Russia it is used in place of water filtration methods.  You can check out it’s strange molecular shape below.  The energy in this stone is said to absorb and eliminate anything that is a health hazard to human life.  It has strong healing powers.  How it came to this planet is unclear.  Some think that it was formed in the oceans and many believe it came from outer space as a meteorite.  What’s important is how it can help you in your life.  These are fullerenes.

    It composes, say 98% of the stone.  But the last 2 percent or so is made up of mostly all the other minerals found in the periodic table….how cool is that? Fullerenes are powerful anti-oxidants…and their presence in this stone is unique. In Russia, they use it in prisons. The guards retire to a room coated with Shungite a couple of times a day to re-energize and neutralized physical and mental fatigue. It’s said that Shungite will neutralize any organism in the body that is harmful to you. Fullerenes in the body behave as the most powerful and long lasting anti-oxidant to fight free radical formation.  Prior to it’s discovery, science only knew of 3 modifications of carbon:  diamond, graphite and carbyne. This NEW molecule cuts diamond as oil, slows down the growth of cancer cells, and fullerene substance can slow down activity of the AIDS virus. The fullerene is also a breakthrough in nano technology. An amazing quality of this stone is that it allows only those elements which are necessary for a living organism to come into water. How it does this has no scientific explanation, but in Russia it has long been used for healing and purifying water. It is an environmental cleanser.


    –Natural antioxidant, increases immunity, decreases or removes allergies.
    –Can purify air and water from organic and inorganic compounds and from free radicals
    –catalyzes decomposition or organic substances
    –carries wide range of micro-elements and biologically active substances
    –increases metabolic activities in living beings
    –actively interacts with all kinds of different electromagnetic fields including geopathic, solar, and bio-electric fields.
    –intensifies biologic activities in living organisms to speed healing
    –neutralizes negative impacts of environmental toxins
    –anti-viral, bactericidal activity
    –anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine effects
    –shields you and absorbs electromagnetic radiation (i.e. computer, cell phone, blue tooth radiation, etc.)
    –Water added to pitcher with shungite stones at the bottom used for healing wide variety of conditions.
    –Direct contact with skin shows rapid healing and reduction of pain of any nature, especially musculo-skeletal and skin problems
    –Said to absorb all NEGATIVE energy and exude only POSITIVE energy.
    –said to heal a wide variety of health problems and attract only positive energies.

    –Long used to treat skin diseases.
    –electro-conductive rock that weakens and blocks cellular frequency radiation near body
    –corrects the bio-electric field of a human being
    –Researches show direct contact of the stone with the human body ensures relief from pain and releases from a number of serious illnesses especially musculoskeletal conditions and skin disease.
    –has no analog in both healing qualities and other diversity of properties

    So get yourself a piece of Shungite.  It comes as a stone (polished or unpolished), as a tile or a slab, a pendulum, a pyramid, a sphere, necklace, bracelet, earrings (good for protection from blue tooth).  You can buy it on ebay or on the web, but alas, all sales have been traced by me to the same guys in Russia who seem to have a monopoly on the stuff.

    Post me your results if you use this incredible stone.  I may be getting it a supply soon!!

    Dr. K

  16. Herb of the Day, Tumeric Herb of the Day, Tumeric

  17. Here’s something you don’t see every day!

    Even though vitamins and minerals work together in the Body, some minerals are antagonistic to other minerals. See the Arrows? Although the human body requires about 100 elements, this mineral wheel shows some of the most important elements needed by the body, and more importantly, it shows the interrelationships between the elements. This is the most complete wheel ever developed. The major minerals, electrolytic minerals, and many other trace minerals are represented here.

    The lines and arrows on the diagram connect specific minerals to others. Every mineral has synergistic and antagonistic counterparts. The importance of this is, if you have too much or not enough of a specific mineral, it will affect the counterpart causing a mineral deficiency or excess that may be toxic.

    On this wheel, an arrow pointing to a particular mineral means that an excess of the mineral may cause a deficiency of the mineral that the arrow comes from. For example, an excess of Fe (iron) can cause decreased absorption of Cu (copper), Mn (manganese), K (potassium), Mg (magnesium), and Zn (zinc). For all the minerals needed by the human body, in organic form, see my V21 superfood.

     Dr. K's V-21 Superfood Dr. K's V-21 Superfood

  18. Herb of the Day, Bilberry

  19. Latest Video from Dr. K

  20. The Neurophone was invented in 1958 by boy genius Dr. Patrick Flanagan.

    The Neurophone was invented in 1958 by boy genius Dr. Patrick Flanagan….he was 14 years old.  This electronic device transmits sound through the skin, by-passing normal hearing.   He was, and still is, an enigma to the world, a child prodigy who astounded the military with his atomic bomb and missile detector – a device he built at the age of twelve!  After building the Neurophone he applied for a patent with the help of his father’s friend, but was refused a patent for 12 years, as the patent office said it could not possibly work.  In 1970, Patrick Flanagan and his attorney made a special trip to the patent office where, to their surprise, the examiner had agreed to test the neurophone by bringing a man who was totally nerve deaf in one ear and almost totally deaf in the other. Patrick showed him how to use the Neurophone and played a record of the famous Maria Callas singing an opera. As he was able to hear the undistorted beauty of her voice, the tears of joy streamed down his face.  It was the first time in history that the patent office reopened a case after it was officially closed and granted Patrick Flanagan United States Patent Number 3,393,279. Prior to this, scientists thought that sound could only be perceived by the inner ear to the brain.

    I spoke to Dr. Flanagan, who was employed by the pentagon when he was 17, and he said although he was granted a patent he was blocked for many, many years and is still almost impossible to get.  At age 14, Dr. Flanagan had one of the highest, if not THE highest I.Q. in the world and could read over 14,000 words a minute with 95% comprehension.  He calls himself an “Encyclopedic Synthesist” as he can absorb large amounts of information on whatever subject he is working on.  Dr. Flanagan states that after doing this for a while, he spontaneously receives diagrams, blueprints and information about whatever invention or theme he is working on and his inventions ALWAYS work.  He further states that he is the re-incarnation of Nicola Tesla, the genius who invented A.C. current, the Tesla coil and countless other inventions, and that he is able to produce, upon request, Tesla’s blueprints and plans for his inventions.  Dr. Flanagan states that of about 200 inventions, 90% are considered by the U.S. government to be unpatentable because the security of the U.S. might be compromised.

    The neurophone has 2 transducers that can be put on the forehead or other parts of the body and transmit the Ultrasonic signal which is fed through the skin, into the neural network and directly into the brain.  After a period of a number of weeks of training, information can be fed directly into the brain.  This information may be learning a foreign language, reading facts from a digital or tape recorder, or just using sound to double or triple your I.Q.  He attributes part of his genius to this fact.  Dr. Flanagan also states that his Neurophone can be used as a mind control device or for telepathy.  He states his device can turn on our neurophysiological potential for health, knowledge and awareness.

    Dr. Flanagan also worked with Dr. Lilly on dolphin communication devices. The Neurophone, according to him, can transmit knowledge and information from one mind to another. Check it out on the web.  Very few Neurophones are around in the U.S. and Dr. Flanagan says they will soon be on sale. Check out his website at or find him on as Dr. Patrick Flanagan.

  21. Hawaiian baby rose wood seeds (Argyreja nervosa)

    Strange visitor from another Island, with powers and abilities far beyond those of an ordinary seed!  Hawaiian baby rose wood seeds (Argyreja nervosa) NOT Merremia tuberosa, is a climbing vine also known as the “Elephant Creeper” and “Wolly Morning Glory”.   It is native to India and migrated to Hawaii, Africa and the Caribbean.  It can be a pesty, invasive plant and nice to look at but the seeds of THIS plant can be used as a legal hallucinogen.

    The properties of this herb are just recently discovered and were used by Latin American Shaman for centuries.  It’s properties were first brought to light in the 1960′s and found to contain the highest concentration of psychoactive compounds in the entire Convolvulaceae family.   You can grow it into a huge climbing vine, 30 feet long with pretty flowers and pods that contain furry brown seeds.  The seeds are both hallucinogenic and toxic.  A lot of  South American Vines have similar properties.

    The seeds contain .3-1% ergot-alkaloids by weight with a number of components that are the reduction products of d-lysergic acid.  (You can read that LSA, similar to LSD).

    Reported effects are like LSD, but less intense with less visuals.  Euphoria, changes in visual and auditory perception are changed with emotional changes and synaesthesias (A very unusual phenomenon in which sense become transmuted).  Time and space perception are seriously altered.  The experience lasts 4-8 hours with possible feelings of tranquility lasting an additional 12 hours.  Sleep is deep and refreshing, but some report hangover type blurred vision, vertigo and listlessness.  Side-effects may include nausea, pupillary dilation, tremor, and slight rise in blood pressure and temperature.

    Used as a medicine,  it is used in cases of inflammation of the joints, given with milk and a little castor oil.  Root paste can be applied over rheumatic swelling with rice water.  The leaves are applied over skin diseases and wounds and the silky side of the leaf over tumors, boils, sores and carbuncles.

    The fresh seeds are sold commercially already removed from the pods and are hard as rocks.    For ingestation you have got to grind the seeds up really good then soak them for 24 hours then strain the liquid with coffee filter or nylon stocking or cheese cloth, and drink the “tea” slowly over 20-30 minutes, with gulps of water between sips of tea.  Seeds can also be chewed for a long time.  Don’t chew more than 2 or 3 seeds is usually advised.  Don’t use if you are pregnant or have liver problems.

    Plants can be grown outdoors in Florida or California, otherwise growing can be done in pots in summer and brought inside for the winter.

    Some users advise to not take more than 2-3 seeds the first time. And they have to be chewed for a long time as the active substances are absorbed by the blood vessels in the mouth.  It can be propagated by seed or cutting.  Sprout seed by making small nick in the seed coat away from the germ eye.  Soak the seed and when it swells plant 1/2 ” deep in soil.  After the cotyledons appear, water sparingly so stem and roots don’t rot and let the soil surface dry out to a depth of 1/2-inch.  The plant will slowly grow until it develops 6 or so leaves, then it starts growing more quickly and will grow into about a 1 to 3 foot bush in a year.   After that it should be planted out or grown in a tub.  In cold-winter areas the roots should be lifted and stored or the tub.  Next spring it will grow into a very large vine and should produce flowers and seeds.  The methods of increasing the alkaloid content of morning glories (which see) may be applied to this vine.

    Harvest the seed pots when throroughly dry. They should be stored in a cool, dry place. Their potency may begin to decrease after 6-9 months.

  22. Herb of the Day, Welwitschia Mirabilis

    Look at this raggedy plant! It actually only has 2 real leaves and a lot of “false” leaves. It doesn’t look like much but it is very scarce, named
    Welwitschia Mirabilis and grows in the Namib desert.  Weird, peculiar, wonderful, strange, bizarre, fascinating, and of course, unique, are the kind of words that are used to describe the welwitschia. It is one of the few things on Earth that can truly claim to be one of a kind. There really is nothing like it.

    It’s purported to be very tasty, raw or cooked. It tastes like an onion and can live to be up to 2,000 YEARS OLD. Maybe it will make YOU live a long time too if you eat it? Yum!  You could even grow it in your back yard.

  23. Dr. Leon Kolodziej (Dr. K) explains methods for and the importance of body cleansing to a crowd at an Edgar Cayce A.R.E. workshop in Illinois.

    Dr. Leon Kolodziej (Dr. K) explains methods for and the importance of body cleansing to a crowd at an Edgar Cayce A.R.E. workshop in Illinois. Dr. K is known for not only his amazing understanding of phytochemistry, but his healing knowledge that allowed him to recover from a serious accident two years ago that should have left him unable to walk.

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